24 Apr 2006

Police detain Solomons MP Dausabea over riots

5:24 pm on 24 April 2006

Solomon Islands opposition MP Charles Dausabea, wanted for allegedly inciting last week's riots, has been arrested after leaving Parliament House in Honiara.

The RAMSI police force arrested Mr Dausabea and put him in a police four-wheel drive vehicle to be taken for questioning.

Just minutes before his arrest, he told reporters he was not hiding from authorities.

RAMSI police last night raided a central Honiara hotel looking for the MP but he wasn't there.

He is the third opposition MP to be arrested by authorities in Honiara in the past two days.

Today's parliamentary session is the first since mobs rampaged in Honiara following the election of Snyder Rini as prime minister.