27 Apr 2006

Transparency International says there will be little change with new Solomons leadership

4:00 pm on 27 April 2006

Transparency International in Solomon islands says the selection of a new prime minister next week will not change the nature of the government.

Parliamentarians are expected to vote for a new leader on thursday next week after Snyder Rini's resignation yesterday.

Transparency International's Solomons chairman, Paul Roughan, says whoever becomes leader, his administration will include a number of the same faces.

He says the politicians have leveraged their victory on a number of promises which they now need to meet, and this will ensure the fundamentals of the new government will be little different from before.

"And who's at the top, I think, you do have a choice of worse or worst. And certainly in terms of public perception Rini would have been the worst. That it means we are going to get fundamentally different politics."