28 Apr 2006

Australia's Justice Minister is to visit Solomon Islands

10:04 am on 28 April 2006

The Australian Justice Minister, Chris Ellison is to visit the Solomon Island's capital Honiara today for talks on the future of Australia's mission.

Senator Ellison will meet MPs from all parties to discuss recent developments and the way forward for the Regional Assistance Mission in the Solomon Islands or RAMSI.

Australia currently has 380 troops in the Solomons and 72 federal police.

A curfew has been lifted and order is being restored in Solomons after the resignation of Prime Minister Snyder Rini only eight days after his election.

Mr Rini quit after five members of his governing coalition said they would support a planned no-confidence vote.

A new prime minister will be elected in a secret parliamentary ballot on May 4.

Riots broke out in Honiara after Mr Rini's election, following accusations his win was the result of bribery from the Chinese and Taiwanese business communities.