1 May 2006

Solomon Islands candidate for PM rejects corruption claims

4:05 pm on 1 May 2006

The Solomon Islands caretaker government is continuing to strongly deny that there has been any corruption surrounding the elections.

The caretaker government's candidate for the post of prime minister, Fred Fono, says people have made all sorts of allegations, none of which has been proved.

He says individuals from the opposition should stop making the sorts of statements they have when they are likely to have been supported by the logging companies that want to remain in the country.

Mr Fono says he hopes to be able to lead the country and put the allegations of corruption behind them.

"I believe the misinformation that goes out to the public has built this public perception that the current caretaker government is corrupt. I for one, I haven't seen any corrupt deal. I mean to blankly say that the current government is corrupt or pro-Asian or pro-Chinese, that's totally rubbish."

Mr Fono, who is Malaitan, says he believes he will have the support of 30 MPs.

The opposition has said it believes it can count on 25 of the 48 MPs who will be present for the voting on Thursday.

2 MPs remain in custody charged with inciting the unrest.