1 May 2006

Solomons' plantation owner angry at what it calls police inaction over crimes at its estate

7:04 pm on 1 May 2006

The Russell Islands Plantation Estate says it is fed up with what it calls police inaction over 2 million US dollars worth of damage to its property.

RIPEL's spokesperson Patrick Wong alleges police have done little to address law and order issues in Yandina where RIPEL is located.

He says they first reported incidents to police around two years ago but police have always claimed they are still investigating.

Mr Wong says although police made an arrest for some of the latest arsons, he says perpetrators of other crimes against the company need to be brought to justice.

"They have interviewed a few guys and then swept it under the carpet. Stolen vehicles from us are being driven around blatantly. And stealing of our cattle and other goods continues, and has been continuing for two years."

Patrick Wong, RIPEL spokesman.