6 May 2006

Calls in America Samoa to upgrade emergency services

9:28 am on 6 May 2006

An American Samoan lawmaker has called for an urgent upgrade of the territory's emergency services following the recent tsunami warning in the Pacific.

Muavaefaatasi Ae Ae jr. says communication has been far from adequate in Pago Pago and warning messages need to get out immediately to save lives.

Muavaefaatasi says the public should be notified via radio and television as soon as warnings are received by the national weather service.

He says he only found out about the warning when he saw it on CNN and that half an hour after it was reportedly due to arrive in the territory.

Muavaefaatasi says sending police out to all the villages is not an efficient way to notice the public of impending danger.

He also says it was was unsafe to recall students back to school because there was a danger of after-shocks.