12 May 2006

Vanuatu opposition says a motion of no confidence still planned

3:38 pm on 12 May 2006

Vanuatu's opposition is disputing reports that its motion of no-confidence in the government has been withdrawn.

The opposition lodged its fourth motion of no-confidence in Ham Lini's government with the Speaker of parliament yesterday.

However the government spokesman Patrick Crowby says the motion has been withdrawn by the Speaker due to questions over the authenticity of the signatures and because the numbers calling for parliament to reconvene came up short.

But senior opposition member Barak Sope says the motion is still to be tabled and insists they have the support of 29 members of the 52-seat parliament.

"Unless they get 8 MPs back to their side, technically the government is on oxygen at the moment. We haven't received any word from the Speaker to say that the motion is not in order or the signatures are not there. If they have a dispute with signatures, we're getting new signatures done now."

Barak Sope