12 May 2006

Karavaki to miss last day of Fiji polling

2:30 pm on 12 May 2006

Fiji's supervisor of elections, Semesa Karavaki, will be absent from work again tomorrow on the last day of polling.

Mr Karavaki was also absent on the first day of polling last Saturday when chaos and confusion marked the start of the elections.

Mr Karavaki is a Seventh Day Adventist and observes his Sabbath on Saturdays.

Many writers of letters to Fiji's newspapers have questioned Mr Karavaki's decision not be at work on the two most crucial days of the general election but others have praised him for sticking to his beliefs.

Mr Karavaki has been quoted as saying he just can't let go of God and concentrate on things of this earth because it is at times like this important election that God is most needed.