12 May 2006

American Samoa told it needs a tourism development plan

3:31 pm on 12 May 2006

A member of a visiting US trade mission says that a lot needs to be done before outside investors can commit their resources to American Samoa.

Greg Maloney, representing the luxury hotelier, Starwoods, says the territory has a lot to offer as a tourist destination.

But he says it would be a good idea to have a tourism development plan which identifies key elements.

"Such as how you position yourself in the market place, what you see you have to offer, what are the elements that you want to focus on, combined with an action plan in terms of marketing - how you;re going to get your message out there and what markets you're going to tackle. And I guess the third element is dealing with infrastrcuture development, what the intention is to provide and how you're going to plan for that."

Greg Maloney also suggests that the territory focus attention on the Australian and New Zealand tourist markets rather than the US tourist trade.