15 May 2006

UNDP promoting better governance on Nauru

9:01 am on 15 May 2006

The United Nations Development Programme is working to improve governance in Nauru.

It is part of the international contribution to restore services and the economy on the formerly wealthy island.

Richard Dictus of the UNDP says a key part of their involvement will be a review of the constitution to ensure the breakdown in governance which occurred in the late 1990s doesn't happen again.

At that time a collapse of the public oversight functions meant little tracking on government spending and this led to the near economic collapse of the country.

Richard Dictus says the public had no knowledge of this though there were reassurances from some politicians.

"The issue now is to try therefore to work with parliamentarians to make sure they understand, for instance, through the establishment of a public accounts committee, exactly what government finances are doing and how they are working so that they can really speak with a level of assurance and knowledge about what is going on."