15 May 2006

Solomon Islands Government lawyers seek meeting with Attorney General over PM's attacks

1:26 pm on 15 May 2006

The Solomon Islands' Government Lawyers Association is to raise concerns with the attorney general about what it calls unfair attacks made by the prime minister, Manasseh Sogavare.

This follows Mr Sogavare calling for the resignation of the Director of Public Prosecutions, John Cauchi, who he alleged had attempted to interfere in the outcome of a bail application for an MP.

The Association's chairman, Ronald Bei Talasasa, says the allegations are serious because they're about bias and impropriety but he says they should have been referred to the chief justice or the Solomon Islands Bar Association.

Mr Talasasa says the allegations shouldn't be raised in parliament or in the media because there are legal avenues for complaints.

"It's the integrity of the legal profession, it's really the integrity of the office, which is a constitutional office, that we would like to maintain and uphold. And, if there are serious allegations against constitutional office holders, there are avenues available to channel through those complaints."

Ronald Bei Talasasa says he hopes to speak to the Attorney General and the Solomon Islands Bar Association this week about the criticisms.