18 May 2006

Survivor reality TV programme to be filmed in Cook Islands

1:27 pm on 18 May 2006

The Cook Islands has been confirmed as the next country for the Survivor reality TV show following negotiations with Cook Islands officials.

Over it's twelve series to date, Survivor has been filmed in three Pacific locations: Vanuatu, Palau and the Marquesas in French Polynesia.

The next show will be filmed on the island of Aitutaki in the next few weeks.

Our correspondent in the Cook Islands, Jason Brown, has more...

"There is a lot of anticpation that this will be something big for Aitutaki which is our second largest island in terms of population - there's just under two thousand people resident there. And it'll mean several weeks of high-glamour excitement on the island itself; lots of money being spent; there's talk of several million being poured into the island in terms of the film crew living and eating on the island; and great exposure for the island and country to a global audience of hundreds of millions of people."

Jason Brown.