22 May 2006

WWF moves to protect a wetland area in PNG known as the Transfly

8:59 am on 22 May 2006

The environmental organisation, WWF Papua New Guinea, is preparing a plan to protect a pristine wetland area known as the TransFly.

WWF conservation education officer, Dennis Badi, says a workshop has been held to discuss the concept among community leaders, scientists, the government and environmentalists.

Mr Badi says the TransFly area is home to half of all PNG's bird species, including 80 that are found only in PNG, as well as numerous reptiles and plants.

He says the area needs protecting as its under threat from logging, agricultural expansion and urbanisation.

He says the area is culturally significant as well, with 60 cultural groups, whose lives, customs and knowledge are inextricably linked with the landscape of the Transfly