23 May 2006

Deportation case of Papuan in Vanuatu deferred until November

1:46 pm on 23 May 2006

The Papuan activist Andy Ayamiseba's appeal case against deportation from Vanuatu has been deferred until November.

Vanuatu's Supreme Court last month upheld a government order to deport Mr Ayamiseba after the Minister for Internal Affairs ruled him a risk to national security in February.

The deportation order was made under a recent amendment to the Immigration Act, giving ministerial power to deport anyone without notice.

However, neither Australia nor Solomon Islands would grant him entry and he was returned to Vanuatu where he challenged the minister's order in court.

Mr Ayamiseba, who lived in Vanuatu for two decades on a diplomatic passport before the current government came to power, filed an appeal when the order was upheld.