23 May 2006

Parents and teachers in Kiribati want officals sacked over scholarship scandal

8:15 pm on 23 May 2006

The newly set up Kiribati Parent Teacher Association is planning a meeting with education officials this week over the controversial selection of scholarship students.

This semester, 18 students were sent on government scholarships to study at the University of the South Pacific, but none was eligible to do degree courses.

The scholarship board has said it nominated students who met the entry criteria, but those students were replaced by others.

PTA chairman, Dr Baua Tebau, says their petition calls for those responsible to be sacked.

"Well we're trying to get rid of these people making these decisions. Just trying to get them in the positions they're holding as they shouldn't do that. So I think the best thing is to get government to decide how to get rid of these people somehow or do something about it."

The chairman of the PTA in Kiribati, Dr Baua Tebau