25 May 2006

French Polynesia top judge removed because of negligence

2:09 pm on 25 May 2006

A top French judge in French Polynesia, Jean-Bernard Taliercio, has been removed from his position over a lack of impartiality in Tahiti where he served since 1984.

The move by the French judicial service commission comes after a two-year investigation and four months after he was suspended.

The commission found him to be negligent in his duties which damaged the image of the judiciary.

Mr Taliercio was found to have acted outside accepted procedures in a case of a suicide of a friend's daughter.

He was also alleged to have had friendships inappropriate for a judge and having acted in real estate affairs incompatible with his position.

Mr Taliercio said he was the victim of a plot.

He can challenge his removal in the Supreme Court.