29 May 2006

Report highlights drugs use in American Samoan schools

8:41 am on 29 May 2006

A new report on American Samoa's drug problem has highlighted the rising use of drugs in local schools.

The Office of Territorial and International intelligence and Drug Enforcement compiled the report following a request by the Senate President, Lolo Letalu Moliga.

The report shows that marijuana and ice, or Methamphetamine, are being used by staff members and students in local high schools and elementary schools.

The number of drug users documented for the months of January and February of this year range from 40 to 75 students per high school.

Four elementary schools also recorded one case each of a student involved in the use of illegal drugs.

At one high school students admitted to the agency that classmates were selling marijuana for 50 US dollars a bag.

The report says that 35 million US dollars had been spent on anti drug programs in the last 20 years yet, the drug problem has escalated making it obvious that the American Samoa Government is losing the war on drugs.