29 May 2006

Water catchment areas in Solomon Islands affected by logging

1:58 pm on 29 May 2006

A community group in Solomon Islands Makira province says within two years, many of the water catchment areas could be destroyed by the activities of logging companies.

The executive director of the Makira Community Conservation Foundation Trust, Victor Kohaia, says there is too little monitoring of the activities of the companies with trees being felled in restricted areas.

He says even some of the companies which are licensed aren't operating according to the current codes which results in waterways being blocked, streams being littered by debris and water catchment areas in trouble.

Mr Kohaia says the nine or so companies operating on Makira need to be better controlled.

"If I can make a rough case here, within the next two years with the current situation, most of the communities will be affected, especially in the areas that the logging companies are operating."

Mr Kohaia says he's visited logging sites and written a report on the damage being caused which he's sent to the province's premier.