1 Jun 2006

Fiji's UPP leader eyes opposition leader's job

8:10 am on 1 June 2006

The leader of the United People's Party in Fiji, Mick Beddoes, has stepped up pressure for the opposition leader's position, saying his party is the only one qualified to lead the parliamentary opposition.

Mr Beddoes has told the Daily Post the rules are clear and he is ready for the opposition leader's job.

But Mr Beddoes says he will accept whatever decision President Iloilo makes so long as political pressure is not brought to bear on him and so long as the decision complies with the constitution.

He says he will not challenge the president's decision because he expects it to be lawful.

Mr Beddoes comments come as the Labour Party is reported to be considering its options should their leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, not be appointed opposition leader.

One of these is for Labour to use its members in parliament, including those in the multi-party cabinet, to move a motion of no confidence to remove anyone appointed opposition leader besides Mr Chaudhry.