1 Jun 2006

Air Pacific yet to decide whether it will fly to Nauru

8:08 pm on 1 June 2006

Nauru may have lost its air links to Kiribati and Fiji despite statements from Air Nauru last month that the regional airline, Air Pacific, would now fly the Nadi/Nauru/Tarawa route.

The troubled island had been battling to re-establish air services but announced last month that with the loss of Air Nauru's service to Norfolk Island and with Air Pacific planning to fly to Nauru, it would downsize, shelving plans to buy a new plane.

But Air Pacific's CEO John Campbell says it has no current plans to fly to Nauru, though it is going to fly into Tarawa and Majuro.

He says they are in a position to expand regional services.

"We have taken additional very large aircraft into the network and as a consequence of that has released some smaller aircraft time which has enabled us to restart some of the services that we had suspended, and of course the other reason is that a number of the airlines that heretofore had been operating in the region, ceased to operate."