2 Jun 2006

Fiji's Labour party leader under spotlight following letter

7:00 am on 2 June 2006

It's been revealed in Fiji that the Labour Party told President Iloilo that it would provide the prime minister before the counting of votes in last month's general election was over.

Fiji TV has shown a letter written by the Labour leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, to the president on May the 17th, a day before the full election result was declared.

The letter informed President Iloilo that the Labour Party and its coalition partners, the United People's Party and the Party of National Unity, would be meeting that night to decide on their nomination for prime minister.

The letter was signed by Mahendra Chaudhry and said the name of the prime minister would be forwarded to Government House.

It was the same day that Mr Chaudhry told local radio that some results were still to be declared and it was premature of Mr Qarase to claim victory.

Asked to comment on the letter, Mr Chaudhry walked away from the Fiji TV camera.