2 Jun 2006

Police in Fiji say cabinet minister a person of interest in May 2000 coup investigations

8:23 am on 2 June 2006

Fiji police have confirmed that a cabinet minister in the current government is "a person of interest" in their investigation into the May 2000 coup.

But the police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, has told the Fiji Sun he cannot say at this stage whether the minister would be questioned as the matter is still under investigation.

This follows revelations by coup convict turned whistleblower, Maciu Navakasuasua, on Australian television that the minister was the man behind the coup.

The minister was waiting at Suva's Holiday Inn for a call from the coup team from parliament, but pulled out at the last moment when he saw the nationalist march and the arson and looting in Suva.

Mr Navakasuasua said that was when George Speight "bulldozed his way in and became leader."

But last night, the cabinet minister said Mr Navakasuasua was a crazy man and he did not need to comment on the matter.