5 Jun 2006

Rally in New Caledonia against Goro Nickel

3:32 pm on 5 June 2006

A New Caledonia unionist says thousands of people have taken part in a rally in Noumea today to mark international environment day.

They marched to protest against multi-national companies and the Goro Nickel project.

A representative of the USTKE union, Pierre Chauvat, says the rally was peaceful.

"We just had a big rally today for the international environmental day. So today we just rallied about 8,000 people on the streets of Noumea. Mr Jose Bove came especially from France for the rally. He made a speech about laborism, capitalism and globalisation that is hitting New Caledonia."

Mr Chauvat says multi-national companies must obey the rules of New Caledonia if they want to do business in the territory.