6 Jun 2006

New Caledonian Human Rights League critical of nickel project approvals

12:49 pm on 6 June 2006

New Caledonia's Human Rights League says the politicians in power have ignored part of the Noumea accord in approving new nickel projects.

The League's president, Elie Poigoune, was among the thousands who joined yesterday's march in Noumea against the two-billion US dollar Goro Nickel project in the territory's south.

Several groups have been concerend about the environmental impact of the project under way and Mr Poigoune has told local RFO television that article 39 of the Noumea accord provides safeguards.

"The political parties that are in power and run the institutions have not done what is necessary so that the companies that are establishing themselves respect the rules that have been agreed upon by the people and their elected representatives."

The translated words of Elie Poigoune