7 Jun 2006

Samoa cinema operator to appeal ban on Da Vinci Code screenings

6:44 am on 7 June 2006

The film censor board in Samoa will today hear an appeal from the owner of the Magik cinema after the government's principal censor banned public screening of the Da Vinci Code film two weeks ago.

The government principal censor said a letter from the attorney general's office was delivered to their office yesterday.

This was after the acting Prime Minister Misa Telefoni had referred a written complaint to the office of the attorney general for them to respond to legal issues raised by the only cinema's lawyer.

Lawyer Leulua'ialii Tasi Malifa will argue in the appeal that his client is unable to find any requirement or provision under the Film Control amendment Act 1998 to authorize or give discretion to the censor to ban any movie.