9 Jun 2006

Fiji opposition leader surrenders his office space to Labour Party leader

7:23 am on 9 June 2006

The row over the parliamentary office space for Fiji's new opposition leader has been settled with Mick Beddoes giving up his right to the official facilities.

Mr Beddoes' action came after the Speaker of parliament, Pita Nacuva, wrote to the Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, telling him to vacate the office which he had been refusing to do.

In a statement last night, Mr Beddoes said he had written to the Speaker officially forfeiting his right after considering the interests of all concerned including Mr Chaudhry as leader of the Labour Party.

Mr Beddoes said Mr Chaudhry had been part of the positive step to have Labour join the multi-party cabinet and considering the prevailing air of optimism in the country, he felt Mr Chaudhry's removal from office should be avoided.

Mr Beddoes says he is working towards a new office for himself on the ground floor of the parliamentary complex.