9 Jun 2006

American Samoan church groups seek ban on Da Vinci Code

8:08 am on 9 June 2006

A group that has petitioned American Samoa's Governor to ban the movie the Da Vinci Code says they are taking a stand because they feel a community cannot remain silent if their core values are being attacked.

The group which includes church and business representatives last week presented a petition to the governor asking that the movie not be shown there.

Businessman Andy Forsgren, a member of the group explained their reasons for making the request.

"If somebody invades our neighbourhood or community and we say nothing, then these things attack moral values which are conveyed from the Lordship of Christ. And after all the church does provide purpose and meaning (so) we cannot allow these things to happen without saying something."

American Samoan businessman Andy Forsgren.

The Governor has asked his attorneys to look at whether he has the legal authority to ban the film and has also asked for the opinion of other churches.