9 Jun 2006

Solomons police minister Dausabea again denied bail

3:47 pm on 9 June 2006

The Solomon Islands police minister, Charles Dausabea, has again been denied bail.

He has been in jail since April on charges of inciting the Honiara riots which erupted after parliament elected Snyder Rini as the new prime minister.

Mr Rini resigned within days and was replaced by Manasseh Sogavare who made Mr Dausabea a minister although he has been in remand.

A government communications officer, Benny Herming, says bail was denied and it was revealed that one of Mr Dausabea's associates has tried to influence proceedings.

"He was allegedly trying to bribe a crown witness in the case and he was offering him 20,000 Solomons dollars if he could change or throw his evidence away of Mr Dausabea."

Benny Herming, a Solomon Islands government communications officer.

Mr Dausabea's police ministry portfolio is being looked after by the foreign minister, Patteson Oti.