9 Jun 2006

Fiji Labour Party's environment minister feels unwelcome in multi-party cabinet

1:53 pm on 9 June 2006

The Labour Party environment minister in Fiji's multi-party cabinet has told parliament he believes he is not welcome in the government.

A Radio Fiji report quotes Mr Bune as saying he believed the SDL party did not want him even though he was sworn into his portfolios two weeks ago.

Mr Bune said he still does not have a permanent office, nor a chief executive, nor an official vehicle or a telephone.

He said he hoped he would be forgiven if his address on the President's speech opening parliament was not as comprehensive as he would have liked.

Mr Bune said after Wednesday's cabinet meeting when he returned to the spot where he had parked his private car just outside Government Buildings it had disappeared.

Amid laughter in parliament, Mr Bune said fellow MPs could imagine the conspiracy theories that raced through his mind.

Mr Bune said the SDL does not want him and that is why they are slow in getting him his ministerial entitlements.