15 Jun 2006

Bougainville administration urged to consult business and curb rebels

1:23 pm on 15 June 2006

Business operators in the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville say the autonomous government needs to work more closely with them and also to move strongly against the rebel elements disrupting life in the province.

The ABG is celebrating its first year in power today and Carol Horn, the vice president of the Bougainville Business Council, says generally they have done a good job.

But she says the Government needs to realise the role business can play and must consult with them.

And Ms Horn says the Government must deal more firmly with rebel groups such as the money scam operator, Noah Musingku, and the youths setting up road blocks.

She says they should be working more closely with the traditional chiefs in the affected areas.

"If you have a road block in Buin, I am sure there is a chief or an elder in Buin who you could consult to sort the problem out. There is no point in stopping people who want to move freely, whether they are tourists, whether they are business people moving to and fro, or whether they are simple people like you or I. I am sure there would be someone there to communicate with those people and sort things out."