16 Jun 2006

The French Polynesian capital still facing blockades by disgruntled fishermen and others

6:13 pm on 16 June 2006

French Polynesia continues to be faced by blockades in the capital, Papeete.

A group of workers led by Rere Puputauki, who is an associate of the former president, has kept the access to the port blocked for a second day.

This is in response to an alleged breach of an agreement over port work routines for employees loyal to Mr Puputauki who is the former head of the GIP intervention force.

Although the French state is responsible for the freedom of movement, it has not intervened despite a court ruling declaring the blockade illegal.

Mr Puputauki has dismissed the call to lift the blockade, saying the French state did nothing to end the occupations in 2004 by those who are now in government.

Disgruntled fishermen have also joined the protests and dumped a truckload of rotten fish outside the territorial assembly, a day after doing the same outside the presidential palace.

They seek government support to cope with problems facing the industry.