19 Jun 2006

Fiji Government called on not to privatise the country's water supply

6:27 pm on 19 June 2006

The Pacific Resource Concerns Centre in Fiji says the minister of public utilities should develop and maintain the country's water supply system rather than privatise it.

The PCRC's spokesperson, Peter Emberson, says the government is pushing too hard for privatisation.

Mr Emberson says where water has been privatised, like in South Africa and Bolivia, it has led to poor people being excluded.

He says the government should cultivate the existing infrastructure instead.

"I think what the government needs to do is to first come clean on the wastage that has happened over the past decade or two. Because the public works department that currently manages the water, has been riddled with a lot of inefficiency, with a lot of corruption. So what they need to do is clean up the public works department and let's try to block out the wastage so that we can develop the infrastructure that currently exists."

Peter Emberson