26 Jun 2006

Hopes to provide air service from American Samoa's Swain's Island

7:27 am on 26 June 2006

The representative of Swains Island in American Samoa, Alexander Jennings, is hoping to establish air services from the isolated island.

He is attempting to build an air strip on Swains using his own money.

Mr Jennings, a trained pilot, hopes to be re certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to allow him to fly part time for the company which he will call Inter Island Air.

His plan is to operate tours to Swains and possibly use the private air strip he's building on Swains as a stop over for flights to the Cook Islands and to operate a sea plane into the Tokelau group.

"Tokelau doesn't have any sort of air service and once again like Swains Islands situations where there is an emergency and you need a medivac, the minimum is you need 48 hours and that is if the conditions are right and a boat is available. But if we place a seaplane on Swains we will be able to be in the hospital in a matter of three hours."