26 Jun 2006

Solomon Islands police patrol border daily after raid

7:38 pm on 26 June 2006

The police in Solomon Islands are conducting daily patrols along the border with the Papua New Guinea autonomous province of Bougainville after a suspected cross border incident.

The Assistant Commissioner Operations, Edmond Sikua, says villagers in the area asked police to increase patrols after a recent incident in which 8 armed men raided Samanago village.

Mr Sikua says the investigation is continuing and they still don't know the identity of the men although there is a suspicion that the group could have come across from Bougainville.

He says police met with the chief and the people at Samanago after the incident and they requested a boost in police patrols and numbers.

"I am happy that if we can provide daily patrols along the border and maintain a high police presence in the villages, it will deter any more incursions, or any more activities of this kind, along the border."

Mr Sikua says an additional three police have been added to the four posted to the remote area and there are now daily patrols along the border.