27 Jun 2006

American Samoan Treasurer to look at plan to introduce lottery

2:04 pm on 27 June 2006

The American Samoan Treasurer says he will look into a senator's proposal that the territory should introduce a lottery to help pay for hospital and education costs.

Velega Savali says he's aware that Samoa has introduced a lottery which provides revenue for the government and it could also be a possible source for the territory.

Under the proposal, 40 percent of the lotto money would go to the LBJ hospital, 40 percent would be spent on education scholarships, and the balance would go to government operations.

Velega says he would have to look into the benefits and the disadvantages but it could be a proposal worth considering because people feel there is enough taxes already.

"That is a common knowledge and feeling amongst citizens of this territory, that they are heavily taxed and something like that would probably benefit. The only type of gambling we have now is the bingo which is more or less for charity organisations."

Velega says the proposal is expected to be presented in the next Fono session.