3 Jul 2006

First infrastructure projects under Millenium Fund about to start in Vanuatu

3:19 pm on 3 July 2006

Vanuatu's Finance Ministry says everything's on track for the first infrastructure projects under the Millennium Challenge Fund.

Vanuatu has just received its first disbursement of 1.1 million US dollars under the US-sponsored Fund, for projects which are scheduled to begin later this year and next year.

It's the first instalment of a 65.7 million US dollar compact of agreement for funds to build infrastructure for rural areas including airports, wharves, roads and warehouses.

The director of the Finance Ministry's Programme Management Unit, Lennox Vuti, says they're about to tender for contractors for the planned projects .

"The projects are: six roads - they're on the main islands - on rural Efate, Santo, Tanna, Malo, Ambae, Pentecost and Malekula; two wharves - one is on Pentecost, and the other is at Lamen Bay on the island of Epi; one airport; and a couple of bridges."

The director of the Vanuatu Finance Ministry's Programme Management Unit, Lennox Vuti