4 Jul 2006

Agreement targets promoting sustainable development in the Pacific region

1:07 pm on 4 July 2006

The promotion of sustainable development in the Pacific region is just one of the driving forces behind a Memorandum of Understanding signed between two key organisations.

The University of the South Pacific, the USP, and the Foundation of the Peoples of the South Pacific International, or FSPI, have worked together for a number of years, but this now formalises that relationship.

The USP is the major provider of formal tertiary education in the region, and the FSP-I co-ordindates a network of non-government organisations, which work with communities to improve their livelihoods.

The head of FSPI, Rex Horoi says they have 10 countries as members while the USP has 14.

He says the agreement will benefit both members and non-members.

"We wish to enhance this partnership in a strategic and dynamic manor with the development of long term vision for cooperation through the establishment of a framework, that we have organised through the memorandum of understanding."

The two groups are already working on a marine turtle conservation programme in Tuvalu.