7 Jul 2006

Dissident Fiji Labour MPs seek meeting of party's management board

9:55 am on 7 July 2006

The group of senior Fiji Labour Party members who challenged Mahendra Chaudhry's list of senate nominees is calling for an urgent meeting of the party's management board.

Fiji TV reports that the group, which includes cabinet ministers Poseci Bune and Krishna Datt, has told the party president Jokapeci Koroi the urgent meeting is necessary to resolve the crisis facing the party.

Mr Bune says it is the only thing to do to get the party back on track.

The group says there was nothing wrong in changing Mr Chaudhry's senate list which sparked the crisis.

On threats to discipline and expel the group, Mr Bune says the issue is not about discipline but about making the leadership accountable.

He says it is about democratizing the decision making process in the FLP.

Mr Bune says if only one individual makes decisions on his own, there is no point in having a management board which might as well be disbanded. END