7 Jul 2006

Cook Islands opposition holding off on no confidence vote until after budget

6:40 pm on 7 July 2006

The Cook Islands opposition's planned motion of no-confidence in Prime Minister Jim Marurai will have to wait while parliament discusses the new budget.

With the budget due for tabling tomorrow, parliament must take at least ten days to discuss it, before discussing the motion.

This comes amid confusion whether government ministers Teina Bishop and Wilkie Rasmussen, who still belong to the opposition Cook Islands Party, will support the Prime Minister or not.

However, opposition MP, Tupou Faireka, who filed the motion last month, says that the two continue to pledge their support to the CIP which believes it has 13 MPs to the government's 10 in parliament.

He says that there's a lot of confusion in public over what will happen, but the budget must take precedence.

"A lot of people are assuming that there'll be a new government come Friday, and that the motion will be discussed and dispensed with and a lot of assumptions are going around that there'll be a new government, and there's even a pressure group staging a march - which is wrong."