10 Jul 2006

French Polynesian assembly member criticises assembly president over ban on nuclear exhibition

10:27 am on 10 July 2006

A French Polynesian assembly member, Tea Hirshon, has called on the assembly's president, Philip Schyle to be mindful of standing orders after he refused to approve an exhibition on the French nuclear weapons tests.

Ms Hirshon has taken issue with his retraction of a permit allowing a display of some of the official findings of the tests to mark the 40th anniversary of the first nuclear blast over Morurua atoll.

Mr Schyle has now told her that the exhibition would have been imbalanced.

But Ms Hirshon says the display was from an assembly report which Mr Schyle approved during a vote earlier this year.

She has now issued a statement, saying his ruling was late and too restrictive in its interpretation.

Ms Hirshon also says he failed to hand over powers to his deputy while he was on an extended visit to France.

And she says he was not authorised to represent the assembly at the recent French summit with Pacific leaders.

Her statement comes after she threatened to take legal action over the exhibition ban.