11 Jul 2006

Marshall Islands outbreak of typhoid fever appears waning

1:33 pm on 11 July 2006

The typhoid outbreak in the Marshall Islands appears to be waning, after striking down, in only the first six months of this year 24 people, more than ten times the average yearly toll.

The acting secretary of health, Dwight Ainee, says there have been no new cases for ten days and he should find out today what was the source of the outbreak.

"The peak was in May and it's slowly coming down now. For the whole month of June we only had four cases. They're done with the investigation, people are analysing the data and they should be up into my office sometime today."

The acting secretary of health, Dwight Ainee.

The Environmental Protection Agency said last week it had tested its first suspect source, the private water tanks of ten of the victims and surprisingly, almost all of them returned negative results for typhoid.

The Majuro Water and Sewerage Company said its water had also been tested and proved negative for the disease.