17 Jul 2006

Marshall Islands police deficient in rape case

1:46 pm on 17 July 2006

Events surrounding the arrest of a teenager accused of raping a foreign teacher have revealed deficiencies in Marshall Islands local law enforcement.

The teacher had complained to police that a 15-year-old boy broke into her apartment while she was asleep early in the morning of July the 5th and began raping her.

The teacher said she went looking police assistance on the road in the downtown area of Majuro but a police vehicle passed her without stopping to render assistance.

Friends of the victim had to find the alleged rapist because the national police said they didn¹t have petrol for their vehicles.

Several local friends located the boy and took him to the national police station in a citizens arrest action.

The youth has been released from jail on bail after his lawyers complained that he had been put in the jail with the adult male population and some of his personal belongings were stolen.

The teacher said she knew the boy because he lived in the neighborhood where she stayed, so there was no question about identification.