17 Jul 2006

Fiji's Police Commissioner supports idea of commission of inquiry into 2000 coup

7:04 pm on 17 July 2006

Fiji's Police Commissioner, Andrew Hughes, says there should be a presidential commission of inquiry into the 2000 coup.

He says this would have wide ranging powers and people would be required to show up and provide information.

The commissioner's comments follow a call from Josefa Nata, who's serving a life sentence for treason over the coup, that a public inquiry be held so that people find out who was behind the coup.

Mr Hughes says the government line has been towards reconciliation and unity but this is unlikely to be achieved without an inquiry being held.

"My view is that there is a missing critical ingredient, or missing critical step in the process. In order to fully reconcile, people need to understand what happened, they can then accept what happened and then from acceptance, reconciliation is a short step."

The commissioner says the Director of Public Prosecutions is still discussing with the police the next steps to take over files which identify four further people connected to the coup.