18 Jul 2006

Samoa warned about rogue journalist

3:14 pm on 18 July 2006

The Journalists Association of Samoa, or JAWS, has warned the public to be aware of a rogue journalist who has been conning people for money.

JAWS has received several complaints from the public about Fulu Mareko a former policeman who has written for a number of Samoan language newspapers in Apia and New Zealand.

Sources told eventpolynesia.com that Mr Mareko has been sacked from the various newspapers for conning people into giving him fine mats and money in exchange for writing stories.

The JAWS President, Papalii Uale Taimalelagi, said in a public notice that members of the public should not give any money to reporters in exchange for writing stories.

It is reported that Mr Mareko would appear at family funerals, title investitures, weddings and other events pretending to cover a story for a newspaper.

He would introduce himself as a media person, then try to extort money from people for running a story.