19 Jul 2006

Fiji's Datt wants action against party dissidents

5:56 pm on 19 July 2006

The Fiji Labour Party cabinet minister, Krishna Datt, says those MPs of his own party who conspired to organize a boycott of his speech in parliament should be disciplined.

Mr Datt has told Radio Legend it is insulting and disrespectful how a very senior member of the FLP is being treated by fellow party MPs sitting on the opposite side of the House.

Mr Datt has confirmed he did see a number of his fellow MPs walking out just before it was his turn to speak on the Employment Relations Bill.

He has described that action as absolutely rude and insolent, and in breach of the party rules.

Mr Datt says now that the boycott has become publicly known, it will bring all these FLP MPs into disrepute.

He says whoever instigated it must be disciplined.

The Labour Party whip, Perumal Mupnar, has confirmed that he circulated a note to FLP MPs to walk out of parliament during Mr Datt's speech.

Mr Mupnar says the note was passed to him by the FLP's Labasa MP, Surend Lal, which has been confirmed by another FLP MP, Anand Babla.