20 Jul 2006

Fiji Labour Party leader says racial discrimination must be stopped

8:34 am on 20 July 2006

The Fiji Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, says the multi-party cabinet will not work if a significant portion of the community continues to be discriminated against.

Mr Chaudhry has told Radio Fiji people have been subjected to racial discrimination for too long.

He says if racially divisive policies are not removed, national unity and leadership will not be achieved.

He says the government should not challenge the report of the Fiji Human Rights Commission which found the state's affirmative action polices to be racially discriminatory and in breach of the constitution.

Mr Chaudhry, who is one of the nine members of the newly established Standing Committee on Human Rights and Equal Opportunities, says he will ask the secretary general to parliament to convene a meeting soon to discuss the issue.

He says the government must accept the recommendations of the Human Rights Commission report and implement them instead of challenging them.