21 Jul 2006

Large crowd attends royal funerals in Tonga

2:31 pm on 21 July 2006

Large crowds have been following the funeral service in Tonga of the late Prince Tu'ipelehake and his wife, Princess Kaimana Tuku'aho, who died in a road accident in the US two weeks ago.

A church service was held at the Free Wesleyan Centenary Church in Nukualofa and was followed by a procession to the Catholic Loma Cemetery at Lapaha.

Mateni Tapueluelu reports.

"Thousand of people have been observing and attending because there were schools, both government and primary schools and church schools lining up on both sides of the street towards the burial grounds about five kilometres away from the burial ground. There were people from Nuku'alofa where the sermon was taking place observing the procession as it did proceed from Nuku'alofa to the burial ground about 24 kilometres away."