25 Jul 2006

Fiji's education minister says students must return to class

9:58 am on 25 July 2006

Fiji's education ministry has told 1,100 students of a secondary school near Nausori to return to classes this morning even though the school management had told them to stay away.

The management of the Vunimono High School near Nausori said it was closing down the school because the education ministry had not paid tuition grants for this year

But the deputy secretary of education, Ram Chandar, has told Radio Legend that the management does not have the powers to close the school.

Mr Chandar says the ministry has agreed to meet all the financial requirements of the school and pay all its bills including electricity and stationery.

He says the school's grant had been withheld because discrepancies were found in its audited accounts for 2004.

Mr Chandar says the education ministry will make sure that no student is victimized and the school remains open.