25 Jul 2006

Hiring cost of American Samoa hospital CEO queried

1:35 pm on 25 July 2006

American Samoa's Senate President has claimed that the LBJ's hospital board expended 40,000 US dollars for an off-island recruiting firm to assist in hiring a new CEO.

Lolo Moliga has requested more information from the board chairman Charles Warren.

He is also seeking minutes of the board meeting, where the decision to select Kirk Gray as new CEO was made.

And, he wants to know if the board was aware that Mr Gray was let go from his last post, based on articles by an Arizona newspaper.

In a letter, Lolo told Mr Warren, that the Senate learned that the board expended 40,000 dollars to B.E. Smith to search for a new CEO.

He says the logic and the rationale supporting the board's decision is difficult to fathom.

He says especially when the board raised the hospital fees, which negate many impoverished residents of American Samoa from seeking medical attention.

The hospital's board chairman, Charles Warren, says he does not have a total yet for the recruitment costs.