26 Jul 2006

Solomon Islands government expects public service performance to improve

3:42 pm on 26 July 2006

The Solomon Islands government is reminding public servants that their pay increase must be met by an improvement in their performance at work.

The acting Finance Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo, says the six percent pay rise and the lump sum payment awarded to public servants and teachers will sort out the inequities in the pay scales and cushion the effects of inflation.

Mr Lilo says part of the agreement reached between the government and the union was that any wage rise would contain conditions for improved efficiency and delivery of services by the public service.

He says public servants who do not perform will be asked to leave.

"I mean this whole thing will have to be tied up to staff performance. At the same time as the government is giving the incentive to the public service to bring them into more of a lively situation, we are also imposing conditions that they must perform. I mean public officers that don't perform, they have to leave the service."

Mr Lilo says the Treasury is working to ensure the pay increase is delivered as quickly as possible.

The union is expecting to see it in pay packets tomorrow.